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Claim Anything Nine Inch Nails!

~*Claim Anything Nine Inch Nails!*~
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This is a community where Nine Inch Nails-fans can claim anything related to the band. :-)
It can be NIN songs, albums, concerts, band members (past and present,)
their personal belongings, etc...let your imagination soar! :-)
If it's NIN-related, it's claimable! :-)

The Rules

This community will begin with 3 claims per person, (depending on how many people
join, that number may be increased later.) The moderator/maintainer gets 6 claims. :-)

Two members may share one claim, (it's not necessary to ask for the first claimer's permission.) :-)

Before posting your claims, please first check the Claims-List below to see if your claims
are still available.

If what you had wanted to claim has already been taken by 2 people, please
choose something else to claim. :-)

Once you have checked the Claims-List, post your claims! :-) You have to make
a new post for posting your claims, if you put them in a comment, I won't see them
and they won't be added.

Claiming may get extremely specific, but not to an absurd or perverted point.
For example, if someone was to claim Trent Reznor's room, people could still claim
his bed, his bed-sheets, his pillow, his mirror, etc.

You're welcome to post NIN-related pictures, fan-fics, news, concert-reports, etc.,
but please stay on "NIN-topic" and put large pictures behind an LJ-cut. :-)

If your journal has been deleted, or you switch journals without letting me know,
your claims will be put up for grabs. So if you switch journals, take a minute to
post and let me know. :-)

Flaming is not allowed. If I catch you flaming, you will be removed from the community.
We're all friends here and all fans of NIN, so let's behave in a civilized manner and have fun! :-)


Last Updated on 06/10/06


Alessandro Cortini - claimed by xxmay

Jerome Dillon - claimed by xxmay

Aaron North - claimed by xxmay

Trent Reznor - claimed by moonchildfairy and galadrielnewen


The Fragile - claimed by pinklainee

With Teeth - claimed by moonchildfairy


Gave Up - claimed by galadrielnewen

Mr. Self Destruct - claimed by akasha6

Only - claimed by moonchildfairy

The Perfect Drug - claimed by mein_zwitter

The Wretched - claimed by moonchildfairy


Calgary/Canada; November 17, 2005 - claimed by pinklainee

Rio de Janeiro/Brazil; November 27, 2005 - claimed by galadrielnewen


Trent Reznor playing the piano - claimed by vazio

Trent Reznor's smile - claimed by moonchildfairy

Trent Reznor's voice - claimed by akasha6


Trent Reznor's hands - claimed by vazio

Trent Reznor's long hair - claimed by mein_zwitter

Trent Reznor's sexiness - claimed by moonchildfairy

Trent Reznor's stage performance - claimed by akasha6

Trent Reznor's talent - claimed by vazio


Trent Reznor's pants - claimed by pinklainee


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(moderated by mein_zwitter)

slaveclaim Claim Your Personal Love-Slave! :-)
(moderated by mein_zwitter)

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